Month: February 2013

New! A Women’s Guide to Security Sector Reform

Women’s participation in security sector reform (SSR) is often stated on paper, but overlooked in practice. With the goal of addressing this gap, the Institute for Inclusive Security and the Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF) has released a vital Toolkit: A Women’s Guide to Security Sector Reform.

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The Iraqi Security Force after the Americans

Since the US withdrawal in 2011, Iraq has largely faded from the headlines of Western news outlets. The Iraqi Security Forces’ (ISF) ability to maintain security is being tested as a resurgence of Al Qaeda attacks have occurred. An overview of Iraq’s security sector after the US withdrawal sheds light on these security challenges and mounting tensions.

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Institutional Influences on Guatemala’s SSR

Wracked by violence and poverty, the political and economic reforms that have brought relative prosperity and liberal governance across Latin America seem, until recently, to have bypassed Guatemala. However, as recent events indicate, it appears that change consistent with good governance and support for human rights could be taking hold in Guatemala.

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