Month: May 2016

The Political Dynamics of Security in Fragile States

In many fragile societies state security organizations serve the interest of ruling elites in maintaining political power or their own institutional interests. What they often provide little of is security for ordinary people. This depressing situation is the result of a complex mix of factors including legacies of violence, underdeveloped institutions, personalized rule, profit-​making opportunities in settings of low growth, and high inequality, as well as high levels of political factionalism.

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CSG Holds Workshop

The Centre for Security Governance held a workshop on May 5-6 on Non-State Security Providers and Political Formation in Conflict-Affected States at the Balsillie School of International Affairs in Waterloo, Canada. This workshop was organized as part of a research project on non-state security providers. This project was made possible by generous financial support from the Gerda Henkel...

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Women’s Participation in Communal Justice in Rural Bangladesh

In many developing countries women continue to be marginalized and discriminated, which has propelled the issue of women empowerment into a key component of development policy interventions. However, there exists a lack of analysis on the issue of women’s leadership, particularly on whether women have any influence once in a position of leadership.

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