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The Critical Role of the Security Sector in Situations of Displacement: Reflections from the 2013 WANA Forum

This past week, the West Asia-North Africa (WANA) Forum convened in Amman to consider the challenges posed by the “uprooted”, a term which the Forum adopted to refer to the situation of internally displaced persons, refugees and migrants. Interestingly, the security sector remained fundamentally absent from the WANA Forum’s discussions, highlighting the dearth of attention placed on the role played by military, police and border forces in managing displacement and migration.

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World Bank Hosts Roundtable Addressing Security Sector Expenditure Challenges

Security sector reform (SSR) suffers from a number of challenges in post-conflict states, but expenditure management and financial review of SSR processes pose particular challenges that are not present in other sectors, such as health and education. These challenges, and the gaps in knowledge and expenditure management, are what pushed the World Bank and DCAF to convene a roundtable in October 2012 to address these issues.

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Revisiting the Western Balkans

David Law recently returned to the Western Balkans after an absence of over a year to attend a conference that brought together Parliamentary Defence and Security Committees from several countries of the region, as well as Turkey. The venue was Rakitje, the headquarters of RACVIAC, an organisation originally set up to supervise disarmament arrangements among the former Yugoslav republics, but now focuses on promoting regional dialogue and cooperation more generally.

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Vertically Integrated Peacebuilding and Urban Violence in Haiti

The problems of donor coordination and horizontal integration in Haiti are well documented. The research project I am involved in, which focuses on Vertical Integration in Peacebuilding, hopes to shed some light on an overlooked relationship between local, grassroots efforts at community violence reduction and a distinctly top-down, UN-led police reform process (itself a peacebuilding project on a country-wide scale).

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