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DDR, De-radicalization and Countering Violent Extremism

Today DDR is undergoing a significant shift. The advent of interim stabilization measures (ISMs), the inclusion of mercenary groups, and those associated with terrorism and the introduction of countering violent extremism (CVE) permeate this new DDR landscape.

This reading list provides a sound foundation cross-referencing the fundamentals of DDR and the emerging CVE environment. This list provides an instructive policy orientation for these interested in the dynamics of contemporary DDR.

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Democratic Policing in Security Sector Reform

Intergovernmental organizations and more recently international foundations and NGOs have provided a wealth of “how to” handbooks and guides. Such organizations are complimented by resource-rich websites from practitioners, networks, global watch dogs, think-tanks and academia. This reading list is a compilation of a number of useful works, on Democratic Policing in Security Sector Reform.

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Security Corruption and Governance Recommended Readings

Corruption in security sector reform (SSR) and peacebuilding is often acknowledged as a problem, but there is a capacity challenge of how to address it. This list of five readings is intended to demonstrate that corruption’s impact on security and peacebuilding cannot be ignored, as well as to provide some practical readings that can give practitioners and policy makers starting points to tackle the problem.

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