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Understanding the New War for Post-Liberation Libya

Libya is entering a dangerous new phase in its post-liberation politics. Regional dynamics (among many other factors such as religion and ideology) have significantly contributed to the outbreak in violence. While a precise understanding of the current Libyan conflict remains obscured by rapidly unfolding events and a constantly shifting patchwork of alliances, it is clear that the next few months will be formative for the country’s future.

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Security Assistance in Africa: Inside America’s “New Frontier”

Several weeks ago at the US-Africa Leaders Summit, President Obama unveiled the Security Governance Initiative (SGI), a new program designed to address security sector governance and improve security capacity in six African countries. The SGI is the latest in a series of security assistance initiatives that the US has rolled out specifically targeting Africa in an effort to build the capacity of African states to become reliable security and counter-terrorism partners.

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Consolidating Peace in Mali

Mali faced a serious existential crisis in 2012. Its political institutions all but collapsed following a military coup, even as its sovereignty was under threat by a secessionist insurgency and Islamist military offensive. The French-led stability operation in 2013 may have prevented the country’s immediate collapse, but it did little to alter any of the structural realities that triggered this series of crises in the first place.

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