Category: Geoff Burt

The Politics of Justice Reform in Haiti

Provides a brief review on a recent paper written by Louis-Alexandre Berg outlining the recent history of justice reform in Haiti. In broad terms, the paper shows how what donors have seen as a technical problem (scarcity of personnel, corruption, inefficiency) actually serves an important role for Haiti’s political elite, who have accordingly been reluctant to advance meaningful reform of the justice system.

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Rethinking “Capacity Building”

Geoff Burt provides a review of a paper written by Wilfrid Laurier University professor, Yasmine Shamsie, on the management of the Caracol export processing zone, an economic development mega-project which when completed promises to generate thousands of jobs and a boost for Haiti’s economic growth.

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Vertically Integrated Peacebuilding and Urban Violence in Haiti

The problems of donor coordination and horizontal integration in Haiti are well documented. The research project I am involved in, which focuses on Vertical Integration in Peacebuilding, hopes to shed some light on an overlooked relationship between local, grassroots efforts at community violence reduction and a distinctly top-down, UN-led police reform process (itself a peacebuilding project on a country-wide scale).

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