Month: May 2010

The Military’s Role in Post-Conflict Law Enforcement: DCAF Report on Bosnia and Kosovo

Military support is necessary—but not sufficient—to win the fight against organized crime in post-conflict states, according to a recent report by the Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces. The report could not be timelier, as international forces continue to struggle with criminal forces in Afghanistan, and question the appropriate role for international military forces in post-conflict law enforcement.

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The End of Military Adventurism in Thailand

After many episodes of military adventurism in Thai politics, the civilian government paradoxically pressured for military action–ultimately contributing to the military’s reluctant intervention against civilians. In the current political configuration, a military coup was not on the agenda. But now that the military has acted, the civilian government will have to seriously address the political fallout, which will include elections.

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UN to Revise MINUSTAH in Earthquake Aftermath

The massive influx of foreign aid, new revitalized international support, additional UN personnel, and creation of the Interim Haiti Reconstruction Commission presents an opportunity for a renewed SSR effort in Haiti with MINUSTAH in a central role.

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