Month: September 2010

Japanese Corporate Culture and the US force buildup on Guam

Despite its relatively tiny size, Okinawa hosts the vast bulk of US Forces Japan. This is partly due to its geographic location, partly because the island remained under US administration until 1972. Japan has still to finalise arrangements in Okinawa, most controversially involving relocation of Marine Corps Air Station Futenma, but the first cheques should nevertheless soon be in the mail.

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Mexicans “Tweeting” for their Lives in Violent Cities

Despite its potential as a tool to rapidly communicate messages, photos, and videos that could keep citizens away from dangerous situations, the reach of twitter remains limited in Mexico where home internet service costs twice as much as comparable packages available in the United States. Only the wealthy can afford data (internet) service on their cell phones, which is necessary to receive Tweets on a cell phone.

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