Month: November 2010

Final Thoughts on the NATO Summit in Lisbon

Increased emphasis on training and sustaining indigenous Afghan national security forces is at the heart of NATO’s plans for the next four years. If the alliance fails to produce the results necessary to ensure that international forces from Afghanistan can start to be withdrawn beginning next year Lisbon 2010 will soon be forgotten.

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Four Elections, Four Months

The failure to secure Afghanistan’s elections (again) only adds to questions about the approach to furthering progress in the country. For the electoral processes in Somaliland, Kenya and Côte d’Ivoire to defy concerns of insecurity and arrest expectations of violence and disorder, no matter their other shortcomings, proves the value of legitimizing elections through voter confidence and a secure environment.

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Security Sector Reform (SSR) and Drugs: Not a Domestic Policy Tool

SSR, drugs and organized crime are rightly seen as linked. However, some donor governments take the linkage a step further, approaching SSR as a foreign arm of their domestic drug enforcement policy. This approach is bad policy for three principal reasons: it distorts the design of SSR programs; may only affect supply in the short term; and is extremely expensive and inefficient as a tool for reducing domestic demand.

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