Month: December 2010

RAND Report Introduces Defense Sector Assessment Rating Tool (DSART)

The tool is made up of six assessments which “qualitatively and quantitatively determine the state of a country’s defense sector, its institutions and processes, and its capacity to carry out operations for counterterrorism and counterinsurgency, counternarcotics, border and maritime security, counterpiracy, and postconflict stabilization.”

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Want Local Ownership? Then Fund Locals, Not Foreigners

Analysts from Timorese security sector NGO Fundasaun Mahein have produced 10 times as much written “SSR” analysis in a local language in the last year as the entire international community has since UNMIT’s arrival in 2006. This has been done for a fraction of the millions of SSR dollars that have been hoovered up by well meaning but misguided international experts in Dili.

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