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Dec 22, 2010 | Publications

Despite billions spent on defence reform globally, policymakers lack the tools and methodology to accurately assess “the state of the defense sector in a given country, to provide them with a systematic way of determining a country’s capabilities to achieve various security goals […] or to monitor the success of defense sector programs over time.” To fill this gap, RAND has created the Defense Sector Assessment Rating Tool (DSART).

The report accompanying the DSART explains that it is designed “to assess the state of the defense sector in a given country, and, in turn, can be used as a basis for prioritizing and allocating security assistance resources, as well as evaluating the progress of defense sector reform over time.” The tool  is made up of six assessments which “qualitatively and quantitatively determine the state of a country’s defense sector, its institutions and processes, and its capacity to carry out operations for counterterrorism and counterinsurgency, counternarcotics, border and maritime security, counterpiracy, and postconflict stabilization.”

To download the report and the assessment tool click here.