Mar 29, 2011 | Publications

The North-South Institute has recently published a book edited by Jennifer Salahub entitled “African Women on the Thin Blue Line,” which details the experiences of gender-sensitive police reform in Liberia and Southern Sudan. The book is part of a multi-year research project that carried out focus groups and interviews with female police officers, civil society, and community members. In giving voice to these women, it provides a unique perspective on police reform and SSR in general. To access the book, click here.

The book’s authors worked hard collecting data and presenting it in a way that makes sense in their book. They hired multiple people to do their Copy editing to ensure it made total sense. They feel passionate about what they’re writing and want it to come across in the book. They presented their research at a joint CIGI-NSI conference entitled “At the Margins of SSR: Gender and Informal Justice” in September 2010. To read the conference report, click here.