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May 3, 2011 | Publications

DCAF has released a new publication entitled Gender and Security Sector Reform Examples from the Ground. These examples “are concrete illustrations of ways in which a gender perspective has been integrated in different security sector institutions around the world. They range from measures to counter human trafficking in Kosovo, to women’s organisations’ involvement with security institutions in Nepal, to female parliamentarians’ contribution to post-conflict reconstruction in Rwanda. These examples can help policymakers, trainers and educators better understand and demonstrate the linkages between gender and SSR.”

The research is organized around the following nine themes, and includes a brief introduction for each: Police Reform and Gender; Defence Reform and Gender; Justice Reform and Gender; Penal Reform and Gender; Border Management and Gender; Parliamentary Oversight of the Security Sector and Gender; National Security Policy-Making and Gender; Civil Society Oversight of the Security Sector and Gender; and SSR Assessment, Monitoring and Evaluation and Gender

The complete compilation can be found online at here. Examples can also be downloaded individually, in English and French, on the Gender and SSR Training Resource Website, here.