David Last

Senior Fellow

David Last is an associate professor in the Department of Political Science at the Royal Military College of Canada, where he teaches comparative politics and graduate courses in conflict management and peacekeeping.

His major research interest intersects comparative democratization, ethnic conflict management, and external state and nation building in post-conflict states. Dr. Guzina’s current research is on the European Union’s accession policies and state building in the Western Balkans.
His book, Conflict De-escalation in Peacekeeping Operations, is published by the Canadian Peacekeeping Press (1997), and he has published more than forty chapters and articles on peacekeeping and various aspects of conflict management. His final three years in uniform were as the Registrar of the Royal Military College.
His research interests focus on the management and prevention of violence, third party intervention in protracted social conflict, and development of security professionals for the management of violence.