Month: January 2012

The War on Drugs as a Threat to SSR

In some ways Mexico’s full-fledged war against its drug trafficking organizations advances the goals of SSR. Behind the scenes of bloody confrontation, police forces at various levels are undergoing a process of vetting and reform intended to root out corruption and improve capacity and coordination. These promising steps notwithstanding, Mexico’s war on drugs poses immense threats to security governance.

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New Report on Organized Crime and Urban Violence in Latin America

From Mexico to Honduras to Ecuador, Latin American societies are increasingly buffeted by the complex threat of violent criminality – from street gangs to transnational organized crime – and their governments are today mounting highly militarized responses to the challenge. A new Brookings Institution report by Vanda Felbab-Brown, ”Bringing the State to the Slum: Confronting Organized Crime and Urban Violence in Latin America“ explores this challenge, gathering lessons learned for law enforcement and policymakers.

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