On December 10, 2019 the CSG will convene the fourth Waterloo Symposium on Technology and Society at the Balsillie School of International Affairs (BSIA). The event will feature a keynote lecture by the acclaimed futurist Douglas Rushkoff, who will deliver a talk based largely on his new book titled, Team Human: It’s Time to Remake Society Together as the Team We Are.

Rushkoff’s address will be followed by an expert panel discussion that will be moderated by the award winning CBC journalist Nahlah Ayed. She is a veteran of foreign reporting: first, in the Middle East where she spent nearly a decade covering the region’s many conflicts. And later, while based in London, she covered many of the major stories of our time: Russia’s annexation of Crimea, Europe’s refugee crisis, the Brexit vote and its fallout.

Nahlah is currently host of the long running CBC radio show IDEAS, which offers a deep-dive into contemporary thought and intellectual history. The symposium will be broadcast on a future episode of IDEAS.