About the Centre for Security Governance

Our Story

The Centre for Security Governance (CSG) is a non-profit, non-partisan think tank founded in 2013 to explore public policy innovations to advance peace-building and state-building processes in fragile and conflict affected states around the world. Based in Canada, the CSG maintains a global, multi-disciplinary network of researchers, practitioners and academics engaged in the international peace and security field.

Since our founding, the mission of the organization has expanded to explore a wide array of challenges to security and good governance in the international system, from irregular migration and rapid technological change to wealth inequality and climate change. We believe the key to tackling these societal challenges is by developing accessible knowledge resources and fostering vigorous public debate. These twin goals shape everything we do at the CSG.

Our Mission

The international system has entered an era of disruption that has unleashed a new array of global security and governance challenges and threatens to upend the architecture of the rules based international order erected after the end of the second world war. Driven by rapid technological change, environmental degradation, emergent political populism, and shifting cultural norms among many factors, this volatile period could stretch into decades and redefine how international relations are conducted. According to most metrics the world is more affluent, healthy and secure than ever before, yet particularly in the West, trendlines show that people are feeling increasingly pessimistic and alienated. With so much information and misinformation at the fingertips of publics through social media and other traditional and non-traditional news sources, organizations dedicated to promoting public dialogue on critical public policy issues are more important than ever. The mission of the Centre for Security Governance and other non-partisan think tanks like it is to present sound fact-based analysis of contemporary challenges in an accessible form. We are committed to raising awareness of crucial international security and governance problems and promoting vigorous public debate on ideas to address them. The CSG believes that informed publics strengthen democracy so we don’t just target our work at the policy-making establishment but at concerned and engaged citizens more broadly.



Security Governance Group

The Security Governance Group (SGG) is a private research and consulting firm headquartered in Waterloo, Canada, which specializes in the security and governance dimensions of state building, peace building and post-conflict reconstruction. The firm combines grassroots, field-based practitioner experience and policy expertise with excellence in research and analysis. Its principal customers are think tanks, NGOs, government agencies and academic institutions.

Excel Research Inc.

EXEL Research Inc. is a family-owned and operated company. It was founded in September 1984  by Dr. Savvas Chamberlain. The head office of EXEL is in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. EXEL carries out business in three areas. It invests in small high-tech start-up companies in Ontario and Canada, manages vacation and commercial rental properties and also manages investment portfolios. The company is the founding sponsor of the Waterloo Symposium on Technology and Society.

Consecon Foundation

The Consecon Foundation works nationally and locally to protect natural environments and wildlife for future generations by funding a combination of conservation, scientific and public policy research, and educational programming. The foundation is an ongoing supporter of Stability Journal: International Journal of Security and Development.