The Centre for Security Governance’s active publications program features original research and event summaries on a wide range of security and governance issues. All CSG publications are open access and free to download.

The CSG’s newest publication, Policy Directions, seeks to identify policy insights, options and recommendations through analysis of pressing security and governance challenges. Written in a concise and accessible format, the series aims to give fresh perspectives on existing issues and stimulate constructive public dialogue.

This peer-reviewed paper series provides a venue for long-form research articles and reports on a variety of security and governance themes. It provides an open medium to present innovative research that is both academically rigorous and policy relevant.

These short peer-reviewed briefs present forward-looking, policy-oriented analysis and recommendations on pressing SSR and related issues. They cater to a wide audience, including policy-makers, practitioners, researchers, academics and general observers.

The eSeminar Summary papers provide succinct overviews of events from the CSG’s popular virtual seminar series, which explore pressing international security and governance issues. The papers summarize panelist presentations, offer highlights from the discussion sessions and identify key insights and findings from the events.

These commentaries are reproductions of select blog posts that were previously published on our CSG blog.