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The Centre for Security Governance (CSG) is a non-profit, non-partisan think tank and registered charity based in Kitchener, Ontario. Founded in 2013, the Centre works to advance new ideas and approaches to addressing some of the international community’s most pressing security and governance challenges.

A network of extraordinary practitioners, researchers, and analysts, CSG works to bridge that fragile but endlessly promising gap between war and peace. Support CSG – the focus and the people make a difference.
Ernie Reghr, O.C.

Co-Founder, Project Ploughshares

Why Donate?
To fulfill its mission, the Centre pursues a vigorous publications program and public outreach effort, including papers and briefs, blog posts, and eSeminars. Importantly, this research output is posted on our websites and freely accessible to both academics, policy-makers, and interested members of the public. The CSG receives no core general support from government. Unlike other Canadian-based organizations, the Centre does not rely on annual membership fees to support its activities. Instead, we are proactive in securing project grant support from various foundations to fund key research, events, and publications. As a startup non-profit, we have been able to achieve an active research and output program and do so with minimal overhead. But, without core government funding, the CSG needs donor support from people like you to sustain our operations in the long-term. Donations, from as little as $20, will allow us to continue making a valuable contribution in advancing security and justice reform, facilitating public discussions, and otherwise helping to improve the security situation in these countries. It also means we will continue to make our publications, eSeminars, and other research outputs freely accessible online. As a registered charity, the Centre can offer donors a receipt for a Canadian tax credit for any donations received (administered by the registered charity donation platform CanadaHelps).