2nd Generation SSR Initiative


Security Sector Reform (SSR) is a model of security and governance assistance that endeavours to reconstruct and reform security and rule of law institutions in fragile and conflict-affected states. First articulated in the late 1990s, the model diverged from traditional forms of security assistance in its focus on the governance dimensions of the security sector in addition to the traditional focus on training and equipping the security forces. SSR is now a central pillar of global efforts to support peacebuilding and state-building processes in a wide array of unstable countries and regions. However, despite its rise to prominence, the SSR model has had a decidedly mixed record in the field. This initiative on Second Generation SSR seeks to understand the reasons why conventional SSR programs have faltered on the ground and identify lessons that can help to update and refine existing doctrines and best practices. The broader aim of the project is to contribute to the development and operationalization of a second-generation SSR approach better capable of (re)building stable, effective,  accountable, and rights respecting security sectors that guarantee fair and equal access to justice and security services for communities and citizens in conflict-affected and fragile states.

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Non-State Security Providers and Political Formation in Conflict-Affected States

This project considers new aspects of the relationship between security and development by examining how the presence of non-state security providers affects political development in conflict-affected societies. The established “security-development nexus” maintains that security and development are mutually reinforcing, and conversely that insecurity and underdevelopment are mutually reinforcing.

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Exploring the Transition from First to Second Generation SSR in Conflict-Affected Societies

This comparative multi-year CSG research project seeks to provide policy-oriented research and analysis to enrich and advance the emerging second generation SSR discourse. Led by CSG Executive Director Mark Sedra, the project assesses and evaluates the impact of orthodox security sector reform (SSR) programming in conflict-affected countries.

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SSR Research Services

Producing outstanding, policy-relevant SSR research requires going beyond the headquarters to gain field-based, hands-on perspectives. Our staff have extensive field experience in conflict-affected and fragile states and come from diverse backgrounds and disciplines.

We take on research projects of any size from short-term desk-based assignments to long-term field-based projects. We can conduct research on any topic or area related to SSR issues in fragile conflict-affected states. If you need support advice on a research project, please contact us at: info@secgovcentre.org