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Consolidating Peace in Mali

Mali faced a serious existential crisis in 2012. Its political institutions all but collapsed following a military coup, even as its sovereignty was under threat by a secessionist insurgency and Islamist military offensive. The French-led stability operation in 2013 may have prevented the country’s immediate collapse, but it did little to alter any of the structural realities that triggered this series of crises in the first place.

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Iraq after ISIS: Uncoupling Sectarian Differences from Political Contention – Part Two

While ISIS has had considerable success in capturing land, weapons, and funds in Iraq, they now confront a wide coalition of forces emerging in opposition. It is hard to imagine their success continuing in the face of the support being offered by Iran, Syria, Russia, the U.S., and Iraq’s Shia militia. It is also unlikely that support by Saudi Arabia or the Gulf States will continue if ISIS emerges as a true proto-state.

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Analyzing Intersecting, Concurrent Conflicts: Observations from Yemen

Yemen is currently experiencing a number of intersecting security crises. How might the international community analyze a context such as this, which includes long-standing and more recent conflicts that frequently intersect and overlap? How might such an analysis differentiate between the severity and timeliness of various conflicts, some of which appear acute, while others are perhaps more structural in nature, presenting a long-term threat to stability?

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