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A War Too Far: Israel’s Military Campaign in Gaza

Since 1948, Israel has fought seven regional wars, has had to deal with two intifadas (with the possibility of a third) as well as three localised conflicts in and around Gaza after abandoning the territory in 2005. While Israel has a right to defend itself, it also has a responsibility to understand why a significant portion of the Palestinian population is prepared to endure unspeakable suffering to obtain what it feels is just.

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No Military Reform for Egypt

During the demonstrations that led to the fall of former Presidents Hosni Mubarak (2011) and Mohammad Mursi (2013), a majority called for the intervention of the army to their side. Today, their quest for a national solution encouraged them to choose a member of the military, Field Marshal Abdelfattah al-Sisi, to head the Egyptian state. The popular backing of the army can only grow when Egypt faces serious security challenges, whether externally or internally.

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Yemen National Dialogue Conference: A Long Road Ahead

In mid-march 2013 Yemen began it’s National Dialogue Conference (NDC), a collection of 565 individuals representing various groups across Yemenites, partially in thanks to the endorsement of the UN Security Council. This conference will continue for several months while participants attempt to figure out the future in post-Arab Spring Yemen.

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