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The Security Agenda for El Salvador’s New President

The current administration in El Salvador faces multiple challenges, including gang crime, violence, corruption, and the need for economic growth and tax reform. In addition to crafting a sustainable public policy on security, the administration must also create a culture of prevention. While this will not be easy to achieve, it is vital if El Salvador is to become the safe and thriving place that its citizens may have given up on finding.

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The Perils of Euphemism: ‘Reform’ in the Democratic Republic of Congo

In Nov. 2012, Congolese soldiers went on a rampage in the town of Minova, raping over 100 women and 33 girls. After 39 army personnel went on trial for charges of crimes against humanity and war crimes, only two were found guilty of rape, and one of murder. Some were found guilty of lesser charges. The rest were acquitted. This incident highlights the fundamental challenges to SSR in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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