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UN Security Council Targeted Sanctions in South Sudan; for whom and for what?

The targeted sanctions announced by the UN Security Council with respect to the conflict in South Sudan, once again raise major questions regarding the use of targeted sanctions as peacebuilding tools. There is no doubt that accountability is an essential component to sustainable peace in South Sudan but sanctions of this kind applied in the manner they have, are not a useful method of holding account.

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Backgrounder – Boko Haram and Political Instability in Nigeria

Boko Haram’s activities have been escalating steadily in Nigeria; the abduction of over 200 schoolgirls in Borno earlier this year being the most recent indicator of the group’s growing threat to Nigeria’s political stability. Indeed, the group is viewed by many experts as a direct challenge the state’s corrupt nature and its general inability to address the expanding economic North-South disparity within Nigeria.

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SSR and the Crisis in CAR

Security Governance Group Senior Associate David Law looks at the crisis in the Central African Republic (CAR). He reflects on his own experiences in the country and describes the shortcomings of previous attempts to reform the security sector, which failed to prevent the current situation.

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