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Injustice and (In)Security: Public perceptions of Nigeria and Kenya’s security forces and their implications for the fight against violent extremism

Using evidence from Afrobarometer surveys, the authors analyze public perceptions of security in Nigeria and Kenya and the implications this has on countering violent extremism. They focus on issues of public trust in security forces, corruption and the success and failure of security-led approaches vs development-oriented approaches to violence and violent extremism.

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Terrorism: Learn To Live With It. Why Canada and its partners need to focus on defining, mitigating and managing – not eliminating – terrorism

As much as we have not eliminated or eradicated crime, we have not and will not be able to eliminate or eradicate terrorism – both being idealized behaviours. But we can manage and mitigate the sub-types of terrorism in their respective contexts and settings with active advancement to analyzed definitions and responsible use of terminology.

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Security Sector Reform as Conflict Prevention in Yemen

Security sector reform (SSR) is urgently needed in Yemen in order to prevent the resumption or escalation of armed conflict.
In order to avoid a political-security crisis capable of throwing the country into the sort of nation-wide conflict it has not seen in recent years (even during the Arab Spring), the author lists a number of key points that should be considered in future SSR in Yemen.

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