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Security Sector Reform in North Africa: Why It’s Not Happening

Along with removing authoritarian governments, reform of security institutions was a primary goal of the Arab Spring. In the aftermath of regime change, it was evident in all countries that reform of the security sector was not just symbolically important; it was an essential requirement. Yet almost four years later there has been little progress. Why has it been so difficult for regional states to reform their security institutions?

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No Military Reform for Egypt

During the demonstrations that led to the fall of former Presidents Hosni Mubarak (2011) and Mohammad Mursi (2013), a majority called for the intervention of the army to their side. Today, their quest for a national solution encouraged them to choose a member of the military, Field Marshal Abdelfattah al-Sisi, to head the Egyptian state. The popular backing of the army can only grow when Egypt faces serious security challenges, whether externally or internally.

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