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Learning from failure? British and European approaches to security and justice programming

The author argues it is possible to better understand what we can learn from failure and what are ways forward for better, more effective security and justice assistance. He highlights three main elements: 1) the key problems and challenges associated with security governance; 2) what we can learn from failure in the British and European examples; and 3) what we can learn from broader debates about international development and more politically focused approaches.

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Bosnia and Herzegovina: SSR and EU Accession

In Sarajevo, from 29-31 October, the OSCE Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) partnered with the Bosnian Armed Forces and the Centre for Security Studies to organize an Advanced Security Sector Reform (SSR) course. The advanced course was designed to familiarize security stakeholders with a whole-of-government approach towards SSR and good governance in BiH.

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Fragile Progress Towards Reform in Guinea-Bissau

Since the death of the incumbent President Malam Bacai Sanhá on January 9 2012, the small African nation of Guinea-Bissau has been in turmoil. In accordance with the constitution, elections began following the president’s death, with Prime Minister Carlos Gomes Junior winning the first round. On April 12 ahead of the second round, elements of the Guinea-Bissauan armed forces staged a coup arresting Gomes Junior and seized government assets.

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