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Too late to start worrying about the Islamic State in Africa

The spectre of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria casts a long shadow. It’s clearly not just the Middle East that is in trouble; both Britain and the United States have been worried enough to dispatch fighter jets to try and contain the Islamist rebels. Analysts have warned that Africa is particularly vulnerable. The continent’s plethora of existing Islamist groups, coupled with its poor governance track record, make it a relatively ­­easy target.

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Countering ISIS: A Special Kind of Insurgency

It is commonplace these days to refer to the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Shām (i.e. Greater Syria) – henceforth, ISIS – as the greatest threat to regional, international, and for some countries, even national security. Yet, one of the biggest questions that needs to be answered is, how do we counter ISIS? In what follows, the particular character of the group is identified in order to suggest appropriate countering strategies.

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