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Injustice and (In)Security: Public perceptions of Nigeria and Kenya’s security forces and their implications for the fight against violent extremism

Using evidence from Afrobarometer surveys, the authors analyze public perceptions of security in Nigeria and Kenya and the implications this has on countering violent extremism. They focus on issues of public trust in security forces, corruption and the success and failure of security-led approaches vs development-oriented approaches to violence and violent extremism.

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Community Security in Kenya’s Frontiers

Saferworld’s new report, “Matching needs with resources: National Police Reserve and community security in Kenya’s frontiers,” provides a useful overview of the significance of local security provision in fragile and conflict-affected countries while highlighting key challenges to effective security governance. This report provides lessons learned and good practices that are not only useful for Kenya, but can be used to design and implement better local security and justice initiatives elsewhere.

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Police Reform in Kenya: Challenges and opportunities

In this contribution, Annie Mageka analyzes the police reform process in Kenya and discusses recommendations to improve the state of policing in Kenya with local stakeholders. This article provide an excellent summary of over a decade of police reform in Kenya, it also provides on-the-ground reporting, empirical evidence and key insights on the future of the Kenya Police.

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Al-Shabaab’s New Face in Kenya?

Terrorists in Kenya have tended to be sympathetic to al-Shabaab’s ideology but unlikely to have direct ties to the group. However this appears to be changing. A “new, shadowy” Kenyan radical group made up almost exclusively of ethnic Somalis, a group to which the Pangani suicide bombers had belonged, seems to have emerged. Does Al-Shabab have anything to do with this new group? This question will be explored in this article.

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Drones: Using 21st Century Technology to Hunt Poachers

For the most part, the only unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) – or drones – that catch our attention are the ones that roam the skies of Afghanistan and Pakistan, hunting insurgents and/or terrorists. While these drones sour public opinion around the world, small fleets of drones have been helping developing countries confront major security problems.

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Kenya Making Progress on SALW Reduction

Small arms proliferation is potentially the greatest security threat facing Kenya, and perhaps the East African region as a whole. Under mounting pressure to respond to the threat and maintain security, Kenya’s National Assembly will soon make a decision on modernizing its small arms and light weapons (SALW) legislation.

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