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Police Reform in Kosovo and Bosnia: The power of local legitimacy unpacked

The power of legitimacy is increasingly invoked by scholars, practitioners, and donors as a crucial prerequisite for any international peacebuilding project. This short article disenchants the almost magical powers accorded to legitimacy via three research findings: First, it shows the causal mechanism behind legitimacy’s impact; second, legitimacy works only in certain contexts and situations; third, it is the only direct power international peacebuilding operations wield.

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Appraising the 2006 Kosovo Internal Security Sector Review – Part One

What follows is a description of the 2006 Kosovo Internal Security Sector Review (ISSR) and how the ISSR attempted to advance local ownership by including both the leadership and population of Kosovo in the project approach. Part One of this two-part series provides an overview of the ISSR’s context and structure, while Part Two will delve into how the process unfolded.

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OSCE Report Outlines Failings of Kosovo’s War Crimes Trials

The OSCE report finds that war crimes trials have been plagued by delays and a lack of capacity, and concludes that there has been a systemic failure to adjudicate war crimes trials in a timely and effective manner. Despite the importance of war crimes trials, the case of Kosovo demonstrates that it can easily be pushed to the side by day to day issues, leading to an ever-expanding cycle of delays.

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