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New Developments along Mexico’s Southern Border

Until this summer, very little attention was paid to the 714-mile border that Mexico shares with Guatemala and Belize. But an unprecedented increase in Central American migrant children crossing the US border, primarily in south Texas, changed that. In this article, the authors highlight the latest developments along Mexico’s Southern border.

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Sending in the Military: Not a Long-Term Solution to Mexico’s Security Problems

The recent security crisis in Mexico suggests a repetition of past strategies that have been ineffective at reducing crime and violence. Mexico’s experience has shown that deploying the military cannot be a substitute for building police forces that fight crime with the population’s trust and cooperation. Deploying soldiers for tasks they have not been trained to handle in an environment permissive of abuse has only resulted in human rights violations.

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The War on Drugs as a Threat to SSR

In some ways Mexico’s full-fledged war against its drug trafficking organizations advances the goals of SSR. Behind the scenes of bloody confrontation, police forces at various levels are undergoing a process of vetting and reform intended to root out corruption and improve capacity and coordination. These promising steps notwithstanding, Mexico’s war on drugs poses immense threats to security governance.

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“A Cautionary Tale: Plan Colombia’s Lessons for U.S. Policy Toward Mexico and Beyond”

As the drug war continues to expand southward, a growing number of countries are following Mexico’s lead by deploying the military in an internal security role to directly confront the drug gangs. A new joint report from the Latin America Working Group Education Fund, the Center for International Policy and the Washington Office on Latin America draws on the experience of Plan Colombia and highlights several ways in which the military strategy threatens security.

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Security Sector Reform (SSR) and Drugs: Not a Domestic Policy Tool

SSR, drugs and organized crime are rightly seen as linked. However, some donor governments take the linkage a step further, approaching SSR as a foreign arm of their domestic drug enforcement policy. This approach is bad policy for three principal reasons: it distorts the design of SSR programs; may only affect supply in the short term; and is extremely expensive and inefficient as a tool for reducing domestic demand.

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Mexicans “Tweeting” for their Lives in Violent Cities

Despite its potential as a tool to rapidly communicate messages, photos, and videos that could keep citizens away from dangerous situations, the reach of twitter remains limited in Mexico where home internet service costs twice as much as comparable packages available in the United States. Only the wealthy can afford data (internet) service on their cell phones, which is necessary to receive Tweets on a cell phone.

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