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Security and insecurity in a police state: Security Sector Reform in the occupied Palestinian territories and the law of unintended consequences

As a wave of protests swept through the Arab world in 2010–11, the relative stability of the occupied Palestinian territories (oPt) largely escaped international attention. In a marked break with the unrest and massive sustained popular mobilizations of the past, no significant opposition emerged to challenge the status quo in the oPt, even though dissatisfaction with the status quo runs high in the territories.

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SSR and Civil Society: Opportunities Across Cases

Successful Security Sector Reform (SSR) requires the buy-in of multiple actors and stakeholders. In government processes of SSR, civil society (CS) is often neglected. CS is an important and effective actor for SSR security as it supports reform and stability across sectors by improving human rights, increasing dialogue and dispersing a civil mentality. The importance of including CS in SSR is evident in three cases: Morocco, Palestine and Albania.

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