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America’s Chamberlain? Obama and the Challenge of American Power

Neville Chamberlain had to deal with a public opinion that was in many quarters vehemently against military engagement of any kind. Obama faces a similar challenge. After two, painful and largely unnecessary wars, American public opinion is weary of foreign adventures. Obama is not Neville Chamberlain. But like Neville Chamberlain, Obama risks now going down in history as an appeaser to an aggressor’s rise.

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Kazakhstan: Conflict in the Making? – Part Two

In the first part of this series on Kazakhstan, the author argued that the country had every chance to rise to the challenge set by its president, namely for the country to become one of the world’s top 30 most developed by 2050 – and this in an atmosphere of ethnic tolerance and cooperation, such as largely prevails in the country today. However, Kazakhstan will have to overcome several challenging moments along the way.

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The 2014 NATO Summit: President Putin’s Take

Since rereading the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Summit Declaration issued in Cardiff, Wales, David Law aims to put himself in President Putin’s place in order to understand how Putin, directly or through his advisors, would react to the Declaration. This article is an attempt at this exercise.

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