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A Dearth of Demilitarization: The State of Security Sector Reform in 2014 Thailand

The May 22, 2014 coup marked the death knell to any possible progress toward security sector reform (SSR) in Thailand. SSR generally possesses: 1) active oversight by democratically-elected civilians; 2) institutionalized accountability, efficiency, and transparency under the rule of law; 3) civilian-monitored resources which are not overly budgeted; and 4) a role for civil society in monitoring the security sector. The coup destroyed any potential to achieve these objectives.

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The End of Military Adventurism in Thailand

After many episodes of military adventurism in Thai politics, the civilian government paradoxically pressured for military action–ultimately contributing to the military’s reluctant intervention against civilians. In the current political configuration, a military coup was not on the agenda. But now that the military has acted, the civilian government will have to seriously address the political fallout, which will include elections.

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